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We are designing a new table-top, laboratory instrument and development tool for advanced research in microwave synthesis, chemical reactions and microwave materials interaction. Our goal is to deliver a tool that has a broad range of analytical and process capabilities, at a reasonable cost.

Lambda Technologies is a market-leading microwave supplier with the capability to deliver sophisticated production-level microwave equipment and provide a full array of process development support. Since 1994, Lambda has produced Variable Frequency Microwave (VFM) equipment for successful high-volume production applications, including tools used worldwide in the semiconductor packaging industry for curing adhesives and polymeric films.
Continuously swept microwave energy eliminates hot spots and prevents the conditions that lead to arcing. These advantages make our system ideal for advanced materials, high density circuitry, and sensitive electronics.

We want your input to guide the selection of features and capabilities for this new product. We are currently scheduled to launch the newest member of our microwave product line by the end of 2013. Please return your survey by mail, or fax to (919) 462-1929. You may also call Bob Schauer at (919) 462-1919 for more information.

Select a frequency anywhere in the band and launch that single frequency into the chamber
Select a frequency range around any center frequency and continuously sweep
Select the sweep rate for the frequency band
Select a frequency sweep pattern, either sawtooth or pyramid
Develop a profile to skip selected frequencies throughout a sweep
Automatic recipes that include control based on:
Temperature monitoring:
Fiber optic contact probe
Non contact IR
Power control accuracy:
+/- 1%
+/- 5%
+/- 10%
Maximum VFM Power* into cavity:
50 watts
100 watts
150 watts
200 watts
*Limited for a table-top design. See existing Microcure VFM products for higher power systems.
Automatic routine to sweep the frequency band and record forward vs. reflected power curves
Comparative charting of the above data with prior runs or a standard cavity load curve
Real-time plot of temperature-time profile and controlled microwave power
Is this size adequate for your anticipated research? yes no
If no, specify minimum size or special requirements:
A universal basic sample fixture will be provided. If you have special sample fixture requirements, please specify below.
What are the minimum process temperatures?°C
What are the maximum process temperatures?°C
Additional process measurements:
The cost for this tool will depend on the features and microwave power level, but we want to make it affordable.
Host computer interface port
External interlock input
4-20mA Process Input
Pressure Vessel
Vacuum Vessel
Additional feed through port in cavity to enable use of other metrology
Dielectric Property Measurement
Please describe other features or suggestions that will help Lambda provide an instrument to meet your needs. This includes specific applications of interest and any specifics that can be provided about the above additional features.
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