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Microwave energy generates unique properties for a variety of gas plasma processes. The high frequency coupling of microwave energy produces very high plasma density with low sheath potential for an efficient, yet gentle process. Conventional microwave plasma reactors are often limited at both high and low pressure extremes due to minimal tuning and control capability.

Lambda Technologies’ microwave plasma products are based on the Plasma Disc Reactor and Tunable Microwave Technology developed at Michigan State University (MSU). This design incorporates proprietary internal tuning and precise control of microwave mode and plasma conditions, which enable operation at the extremes for desired plasma applications.

Lambda’s current plasma product line of microwave reactor and system designs are focused on the application of CVD diamond and diamond-like carbon. Turnkey CVD diamond systems for both research and production are available at 2.45 GHz and 915 MHz frequencies and at powers ranging from 2 to 30 Kw. The proprietary reactor design offers unrivaled uniformity and control of the microwave plasma during diamond deposition. Lambda offers support for process development and experience with the complete range of diamond deposition processes.

Lambda also offers microwave heating equipment that uses both single mode tunable reactor desisngs and our patented, Variable Frequency Microwave (VFM) Thermal Process Technology.
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