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The fundamentals of microwave heating provide a unique approach to energy distribution and can be applied in different forms to result in optimum application conditions.  However, traditional fixed frequency microwave ovens offer challenges for scale-up and control of most advanced materials applications due to non uniformity that creates hot spots, and the tendency to arc with metals and /or circuitry.

   Variable Frequency Microwave (VFM)      Tunable Mode Control (TMC)
To overcome some of the problems inherent with conventional microwave, Lambda offers a range of Variable Frequency Microwave (VFM) products that ensure uniformity over large areas and compatibility with metals and electronic circuits.  Lambda customer support staff includes microwave design and service engineers as well as materials scientists ready to assist in customer specific applications.

Lambda’s patented VFM technology offers precise control and uniform distribution of microwave energy for a broad range of thermal applications. Unlike conventional industrial microwave ovens that use a fixed frequency magnetron, VFM products use a broadband microwave amplifier to enable optimum frequency selection and the ability to sweep around a center frequency to ensure good mode density and energy uniformity. Sweep rate control also ensures that VFM technology is compatible with metallic components or fixtures, without arcing, and with electronic circuitry or semiconductors without causing damage.

VFM technology is in production worldwide for the curing of polymeric adhesives and films used in advanced semiconductor and electronic packaging applications.
Lambda also offers a single frequency resonating product line incorporating Tunable Mode Control (TMC) for focused heating of smaller volumes.

Lambda’s patented TMC technology precisely controls the mode pattern in a single mode, resonant cavity. This allows a controlled focus of high-energy fields using a magnetron power supply.

The ability to sustain a given mode as a material property changes or moves through the reactor, ensures good both high efficient and precise controlled heating. TMC reactors are available in batch or continuous flow configurations.

A typical application might be the continuous curing of coatings used on fibers or composite matrix films.
Note that Lambda also offers the patented Tunable Mode Control (TMC) for Plasma Process Technology for CVD and Etching applications.
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