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Lambda’s products have been employed primarily for the curing of polymeric coatings, adhesives and encapsulants used in electronic assemblies and semiconductor packaging.  Benefits include the rapid curing (typically 10-20 times faster than convection), selective heating and the precise control of temperature profile.   Some of the applications using VFM include the following processes:
Cure of flip chip underfill Cure of dielectric films on wafers
Cure of lid attach & seal joints Cure of cover coats on flex circuits & wafers
Cure of structural adhesives Cure of encapsulation over wire bonds
Cure of die attach materials Cure of potting compounds over sensors
Drying of continuous flow material

Cure of encapsulants for LED’s

Each customer application may be slightly different.  That is why Lambda supports our customer with applications review and trials, as appropriate.  This review is typically started with our Applications Questionnaire process described below.

Applications Questionnaire

The Applications Questionnaire (AQ) is used to allow Lambda Technologies personnel to analyze your specific process application and determine preliminary feasibility.  The AQ asks a variety of questions about your materials as well as your present process.

Please highlight the AQ button below and complete the online form.  Once it is received, the Sales and Applications departments will review your AQ and determine what questions they may have to thoroughly understand your requirements.

At that point a Lambda Technologies team member will call you to schedule a convenient time for conference call to go over the AQ, ask any pertinent questions and decide the best path forward. 
All Information is considered Company Confidential  …. Click here for Thermal Process AQ
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