Lambda Technologies is a capital equipment and applications development company applying microwave energy to provide total solutions for the processing of advanced materials.   Our products employ the unique benefits of microwave energy to improve performance and reduce costs for a broad range of advanced materials process applications.

Established in 1994, Lambda Technologies philosophy has been to bring together advanced microwave equipment design with material science engineering to offer all the advantages of microwave energy to a wide range of materials process applications.  The company has significant intellectual property and knowhow in applying microwave energy.  The foundation of our technology is based on exclusive license rights from Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the Variable Frequency Thermal Process technology and also from Michigan State University for Plasma Process Techniques.

Lambda’s  Variable Frequency Microwave (VFM) Technology and MicroCure ® products have specifically been developed for the semiconductor and electronics packaging market.  The MicroCure VFM process insures uniform heating without damage and provides rapid cure of polymeric adhesives, coatings and encapsulation, offering potential for improved quality and reduced cost.   Our plasma products incorporate a unique design for control and efficiency that provides the most flexible microwave reactor on the market.  The DiamoTek plasma products have been developed specific for the application of diamond deposition, covering the range of ultra-nano crystalline to single crystal CVD processes.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and full support from application development to installation and field service. We welcome the opportunity to assist with your specific application.
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