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Since 1994, Lambda Technologies has been supplying the most advanced microwave technology, products and customer support available in the world for materials research, process development and production applications.

Lambda develops and markets industrial process tools that incorporate unique and proprietary techniques to ensure optimum control and delivery of microwave energy for both thermal and plasma process requirements. For example, our Variable Frequency Microwave (VFM) products are used worldwide for curing adhesives and polymer coatings as well as for annealing dopants and other layers on Si wafers within the semiconductor industry and Lambda's plasma products offer the state-of-the-art for Microwave Plasma CVD of polycrystalline films and single crystal diamond.
Explore what advanced microwave energy can do for your process
   Rapid Processing
   Controlled Microwave Modes    Selective Heating
   Continuous Flow or Batch Processing    No Arcing with Metals or Circuits
   Precise Profile Control    Process / Application Support
   Uniform Heating   
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